Friday, 22 September 2017


Duffy role model assembly

On monday the 16th glenbrae had there duffy role model assembly.We had a special guest visiting. Her name was niva retimanu she is a journalist and news reader.Niva came to talk to us about her career.she was born in invercargill and was a Samoa.

When niva entered the hall she got introduced by our school leaders after she got introduced niva started to read a book called kiss kiss yuck yuck.After she had read the book to us niva had to give books out to classes.One person from the classes had to go and get the book.

Last of all after she had finished giving out the books the whole school started singing the duffy song.After we finished singing the duffy song niva left the school because the duffy assembly was finished.

                                           The end


Friday, 4 August 2017

Clubs 2017

Yesterday we had clubs.My club was board games what we did was we had to try to make our own board game.Our teacher was Ms stone.We had to be in groups.When we finished i felt happy because we got to play with our board games.
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Friday, 16 June 2017

Our Fitness

Guess what we did for fitness.

First we did our warm ups and stretched all the muscles in our bodies.We had leaders that were showing different ways to stretch.

Afterwards, we had a challenge.
Room 8 girls and boys, Room 10 girls and Room 10 boys had to make up a chant and we were acting like army soldiers jogging together as a tight knit team.

 We had fun and we enjoyed our fitness. We love doing fitness.

By: Maya and Tangimetua.