Friday, 24 November 2017

School Uniform

School uniform
My first reason is our school uniform represents our school.and it also important that people know that you go to there school.

My second reason is That it is important to wear your school uniform because if you go to school wearing your uniform kids can know that you go to there school and if you don't people will think you don't go to their school.

My further reason school uniform represents our school and people may think that school uniform is not important but it is important to the school.

My further more reason is that it is important because if you wear your uniform kids can know that you respect the school’s uniform and properly.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Chicken Pan - Math

Today Me and Richie learnt about how to find the area of a chicken pan and how much it costs.

Friday, 22 September 2017


Duffy role model assembly

On monday the 16th glenbrae had there duffy role model assembly.We had a special guest visiting. Her name was niva retimanu she is a journalist and news reader.Niva came to talk to us about her career.she was born in invercargill and was a Samoa.

When niva entered the hall she got introduced by our school leaders after she got introduced niva started to read a book called kiss kiss yuck yuck.After she had read the book to us niva had to give books out to classes.One person from the classes had to go and get the book.

Last of all after she had finished giving out the books the whole school started singing the duffy song.After we finished singing the duffy song niva left the school because the duffy assembly was finished.

                                           The end